Dante Matterazzi
Age 215
Occupation 2nd in Command for the Nephilim Army.
Gender Male
Height 6'9"
Race Nephilim
Fate Deceased
Appearances Silence

Dante Matterazzi is the main antagonist in Finale.

He starts off 'protecting' Nora from the other Nephilim. He suggested dating Nora in order to fool the public Nephilim eye. He is her first lieutenant. Being a Nephilim himself he helps to train Nora into becoming a better equipped leader of the Black Hand's army. He constantly used devilcraft to become stronger, he betrayed his people wanting to lead them against the fallen angels to their deaths.

He died in the battle when Nora possessed his body. She purposely made his body fall on a sword and there by killing him. His death eradicated devilcraft from the earth for once and all. Before his death he killed Scott Parnell and Blakely.