Fallen Angels
Paradise Lost 12
Home Earth
Appearances Hush, Hush

Fallen Angels are angels who have been exiled or banished from Heaven. Often such banishment is a punishment for disobeying or rebelling against God.


  • The concept of fallen angels was first found in Judaism among texts of the Second Temple era, being applied in particular to Azazel and Satan.
  • Christians adopted the concept of fallen angels mainly based on their interpretations of the Book of Revelation Chapter 12. In Christian lore, demons are believed to be fallen angels, particularly those who sided with Lucifer during his rebellion against God.
  • In Muslim lore, there are no fallen angels, as angels do not have free will and therefore cannot rebel.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Superhuman Strength -
  • Superhuman Speed -
  • Mind Control -


  • Fallen Angel Feathers - A Fallen Angel 's biggest weakness is one of their feathers. If a feather is burned, the original owner of the feather will die along with it. Otherwise, Fallen Angels are nearly as indestructible as Angels/Archangels.
  • Wing Scars - if a Fallen Angel is impaled or struck in the scars created when his or her wings were ripped out (usually spanning from shoulder blades to kidney area) he or she will be temporarily immobilized.
  • Feeling- A fallen angel is unable to feel physical pain or sensations.