Brandon Bruce Lee gave me a mountain crystal when I was about 6 years old! He was about 15 years old! We were building a dam and that day I was alone and it went richt in my dam!!! WAUW so nice!!! Yes it was him!!! Yes he came back some times!!! We really know and feel eachother!!! Yes I miss him so verry verry much!!! I just know he is alive!!! I so him again in Dordrecht Holland!!! We are given in for marriage and I love him forever I swear!!! I dream of him time and time again and yes I hope I am right and that he realy is alive becouse I miss him so verry verry much!!! Yes I love him so verry verry verry much!!! Ooh yes I am wishing him back!!! I love him forever and after!!! He is a waterman dragon and I am a fishes tiger!!! Yes his waterfee!!! Exit the dragon enter the tiger!!! The waterman trowing his water over my fishes!!! Please help me find him to live this life with and to love forever!!! Yes I realy am yours forever Brandon Bruce Lee!!! Bianca Dordrect Holland!!!