Nephilim are the offsprings of fallen angels and humans. They are very strong and fast, but aren’t as strong as fallen angels. They are, like fallen angels, immortal and have the ability to control minds. They are bigger than the average human.


Cheshvan-the Hebrew month where there are no holidays.

Nephilim can be forced by fallen angels to swear an oath of fealty. This is an oath where if said, the fallen angel can transfer his or her spirit into the Nephilim and control the Nephilim’s body for the Hebrew month of Cheshvan. During this time, they are called Nephilim Vassals. It's because fallen angels, as purely spiritual beings, can't physically feel and their bodies are just "boxes", but they can feel emotions.

During Cheshvan, the fallen angel possesses a Nephilim's body and controls him. The Nephilim knows about it, but he can't do anything because the fallen angel is too strong. When Cheshvan ends after about 29 days, the Nephilim is free and the fallen angel is forced out of the Nephilim's body and has to wait until next Cheshvan to control him again. But Nephilim can still be possessed for very short amounts of time, no more than a couple minutes, when it's not Cheshvan.


  • If a female descendant of the Nephilim Vassal is killed, this results in his death also. And if her death causes the fallen angel, who possesses her Nephilim relative, the fallen angel becomes human.