Gender Male
Race Fallen angel
Fate Dead
Appearances Hush Hush,

Crescendo, Silence (mentioned) Finale

Rixon is Patch's closest friend who knows all of his darkest secrets, and he is always by Patch's side. He is also a fallen angel. Rixon's first appearance was later in the first book of the Hush, Hush series, but has a larger part in the two later novels. He is described as "sexy to the max" and Irish. Rixon's Nephilim vessel was the Black Hand, Nora's true biological father, Hank Millar. He is also the one who murdered Harrison Grey. 

In "Crescendo", Patch matches him up with his girlfriend`s best friend: Vee Sky and they start dating. Rixon tries to kill Nora due to the fact that she is the daughter of his Nephilim vassal, Hank and killing her would be the only way for him to become human. When Patch finds out what's going on, he chains Rixon in hell (because immortals can't die) and makes up with Nora. 

In "Finale" Rixon briefly escapes hell and tries to attack Nora. He does not succeed and is sent back to hell. Later, when Nora and Patch are talking after they are finally reunited, Patch reveals that in order to escape hell he momentarily possessed Rixon in order to not be poisoned with Devil Craft.