Scott Parnell
Scott parnel
Age 18
Occupation Student
Gender Male
Home Coldwater, Maine

Portland, Maine (formally)
New Hampshire (formally)

Height 6'5"
Race Nephilim
Fate Deceased
Appearances Crescendo


Scott Parnell is introduced in Crescendo as Nora's childhood "friend". Nora was not excited when her mother announced Scott's move to Maine as she remembers him in a negative way. Scott shows to be a mysterious man who Nora sees suspicious.

Nora begins to stalk him, thinking he has something to do with the Nephilim. Scott shows to have a large crush on Nora and they kiss at a party, which Patch sees and rages with jealousy, leading Scott and Patch into a fight. It is shown that Nora's suspicions were correct, Scott is a Nephilim and he is working with the Black Hand.

By the end of the second novel, Scott leaves Nora his car and runs away.

In the third novel, after Nora loses her memory, Scott finds her at the beach, and admits to tailing her.

He fills her in about fallen angels and Nephilim, claiming that he knows who Black Hand is- Hank Millar. He also tells her that he has stopped using his ring, give to him by Hank, and that he is leading an incognito life.

Later, he and Nora break into one of Hank's warehouses, and Scott takes a few pictures, but they are lost when one of Hank's men start chasing them. After that, Scott breaks into her bedroom quite a few times, and also invites her to go to Homecoming with him. He also flirts a lot with Nora.