Vee sky-0
Vee Sky
Age 16
Occupation Student
Gender Female
Home Coldwater, Maine (Formally)

Landcashire, England

Height 6'0"
Race Nephilim
Fate Alive
Appearances Hush, Hush


Vee Sky is Nora's best friend. Vee is described as a "green-eyed, minky blonde, and a few pounds over curvy". She is funny throughout the book, but can be a bit immature, especially about "S-E-X". She is also quick to judge people and will ignore facts if she doesn't like them.

Vee tends to cover a lot for Nora. She has never like the idea of Nora dating Patch. She is in an unknown phase when talking about the world of Nephil from Hush, Hush to Silence

She is later attacked by a man in a ski mask on, later revealed to be Dabria. After the attack, she shows an extreme distrust in Patch, mistaking him for the attacker.

In "Crescendo" she becomes romantically involved with Patchs' best friend, Rixon, who tries to kill Nora. She is told he disappeared (though Nora knows that he was actually chained in hell by Patch) and has difficulty trust men for a short time afterward. Vee. is attracted to Scott while he performs at the Devils Handbag

In "Finale" she is revealed to be a Nephilim like Nora and Scott. She also becomes romantically involved with Scott and after his death has a hard time coping with his loss. In the epilogue she is shown getting married but tells Nora that she will never lose her feelings for Scott.